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BlackDogHat - Interview and two songs: "Just for the hell of it" and "Soul on fire"

BlackDogHat are an international acoustic trio based in London who have "many different styles of songs from New Folk, to funk and reggae." But most of all they hope to create music with melodies that stick in your head - something to remember. The members of the band are John Sage, Ian Nicholson and Matt Gkikas.

What is the song "Just for the hell of it" about?
Just for the hell of it, is about, being alone, being

Partisan - Juggernaut [Indie]

Partisan is a band from Manchester, UK. Their purpose is to "inject some authentic rock into the limelight" and they are passionate about it.

What's the craziest thing to happen to you while touring/ playing live?
The craziest thing that has happened,

Corey Bowen - 'Strange Pop and Other Musings - Vol.1' EP & Interview! [Indie/Psychedelic Pop]

Corey's back with an exciting new solo EP. and wanted a chat in the run up to the release of the EP. He's been featured on Seshny before as a member of BUG and now he's gone solo. 

The first song, If The Birds Wish To Fly, Let Them Fly is a great track and Corey promises more from the EP!
This EP is the first time you've released a solo record. What can we expect from it?

Well the EP is really unlike anything I've done before.

Electric Arms - Only A Day Away [Indie-Folk]

Electric Arms are 4 piece band from Southsea in the UK and they make music for the people, with rhythm and soul.

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