Nick Horne - "The Entity" & "Unleash"

Nick Horne is a 22 year old producer/DJ from London, UK. He's a talented multi-instrumentalist and beat-maker, and going further into his passion by taking a music production course at the London Point Blank Music School for the next year.


What's your creative process? How do you get from starting a track to knowing what you want the finished product to be?

Well... I basically listen to a lot of house music on Soundcloud and YouTube, if I find a sound or progression that I like I might try and replicate it on Ableton, then if I like the sound of it I will play around and make some sort of melody and chord progression at the same time as making a beat for it - then its just about taking time finding sounds that go well with it and eventually when I have enough good ideas I arrange it and build climaxes.

How long can it take you to complete a track, start to finish?

It takes me a fair while to string a couple of good ideas together - time can vary on that from a few hours to around a few days! 

Then, arranging and all the little things in building up the track takes like 5-10 hours, maybe more.. I don't usually do it in one go... in my recent tracks the whole process has taken about a week or two for each!

Is house your passion and forte or would you try your hand at other subgenres of EDM such as trap, moombahton, dubstep... ?

Progressive house and commercial house are my passions... I'm a fan of electro, Overwerk - Daybreak is probably my favourite song, which is electro house!

Where would you say would be your dream venue?

Let's hope to see him there in the next few years!

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[INDIE] Bug - Parallel/Dirt EP, Exclusive free download and interview with lead singer Corey Bowen!

Not long ago, I featured Corey Bowen as a solo artist with some awesome music! (article here). Now he's back as part of a band with an EP! Here's one of the tracks, Parallel which is up for an exclusive free download on Seshny!

How did the band come together?
The band came together after Phil (bassist) and I spoke about our shared love of 90s alternative rock. From there we just started jamming and BUG was born

Where do you get your inspiration?
We take our inspiration mostly from our surroundings and the weather. We don't really take influence from other bands as such. I would probably say that JFK is my main influence.

Here's the other track from the new EP, Dirt, Enjoy!

Why JFK?
Because of his work ethic and the background he came from, what he lived for, what he worked for, and his tolerance with running a politically irritating country.

If you could ask any artist any question, who would it be and what would you ask them?
If we could ask any artist any question I would ask Robbie Williams where it all went wrong because I am so curious...

Where are you playing next? What's your dream venue?
We are playing a secret gig this Friday and then Actress and Bishop in Birmingham on the 26th in between recording our debut EP. We aren't really bothered where we play. I guess my dream venue would be in my friend Bennett's living room. He has a great living room.

If you'd like to hear more from Corey and his band BUG, follow them on the following links:


   Facebook   |   Soundcloud

Tiny Tiny - "Evening and Everywhere After" - Full Album + Interview with lead singer Boone Williams

Tiny Tiny is quite the prolific band.. only earlier this year they released an album, and they're back with a new one, "Evening and Everywhere After".

I was lucky enough to ask the lead singer, Somerset, Kentucky based Boone Williams a few questions (scroll down):

Make sure you remember to download these tracks from within the widgets!

How did the band get together? How long have you been going?

I was involved in a couple of bands and projects a little over a year ago, they all kind of imploded all at once, so I found myself with quite a bit of spare time. I started recording on my own in my apartment and realized I really enjoyed it, I decided to focus on it and see what happened. My friends still play with me and play on the albums. Phil Claunch played all the drums on the newest album and helped with recording, he’s been a really big part of Tiny Tiny lately. So I guess we’re in a constant state of flux or something. There were more people involved with the newest album than anything before so I think it will only grow at this point, feels more like a band than it did before.

What's the craziest thing to happen to you at a live show?

We’ve been pretty fortunate not to have anything too crazy happen. No one has fallen off stage or set anything on fire, not yet anyway. But I can say that generally the rowdier the better I guess, within reason at least. You typically don’t want an all-out riot to break out. We played a couple of shows with J. Marinelli a while back, he’s a one man band from around here, it was pretty crazy to watch him.

What is the atmosphere at your shows like?

We really like to play in people’s houses. I think people are more themselves in that atmosphere, but regardless of where we play I think just as long as the audience is somewhat attentive we’re pretty happy. I think our shows are pretty chill for the most part, maybe some dancing.

What is your dream venue?

Like I said we like house shows, so as far as a dream venue I would say someplace smaller, where the audience is pretty much right on top of the band, someplace kind of gritty…hopefully they have decent food too. We’re pretty easy to please.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from so many different places. Friends, relationships, art, movies, books, I try to just be honest about the way these things impact me. I know as long as I do that, and I don’t try to write about things I don’t know, people will be able to identify with the music at least on some level. I like putting the spotlight on really day to day situations, maybe make them seem not so day to day.

If you could ask any artist that ever lived any question that you could, what would it be?

Man…that’s a good one. I wish I had some epic question to ask someone that could somehow illustrate some deeper meaning or something... But I would probably just ask Bob Dylan if he wanted to have a beer or something.

If you enjoy the music that Tiny Tiny makes as much as I do, follow Tiny Tiny. I'm sure they'll appreciate the support


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Sutton Althisar - Devotion, The Ghost [PSYCHEDELIC]

Sutton's back with another two great tracks!

They're both out for download on a "name your price" basis. Just click "buy" on the widget, give the guy some support as we here can see him going pretty far!

Sutton Althisar:


[INDIE/SINGER-SONGWRITER] Corey Bowen - Misery City (Full EP)

Middlesbrough singer/guitar player Corey Bowen has released a really chilled out acoustic album, all for free! Download it, follow Corey and watch out for him in the future; this lad has promise! My personal favourite from the EP is Pure, but all of the songs are winners.

Corey Bowen:   Twitter    |    Bandcamp   |   email   |   Blog

[DUBST.. MOOM... DNB.. FUCK IT, EDM!!] Michael Malmqvist - Dough 2.0

I love this new evolution in music which has caused a lot of tracks to be labelled plainly "EDM" because they're such a mix of dubstep, trap, moombah or house that no one knows what to label them any more. This is another one of those tracks! So enjoy it and enjoy the free download [Straight from the soundcloud widget]!

Michael Malmqvist is from Sweden, which seems to be an electro producer-factory these days. He's new to this, and with artists like this I always find it interesting to follow them and their progress:

Michael Malmqvist:  Soundcloud