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Taka Black - Plenty Fishes (Interview + Free Download)

Taka Black was one of the first to get in touch after we announced that we were going live on Twitter again, after a few quiet years. I listened to the song I'm featuring today and it really made me laugh - I had to feature it, so tried getting in touch with Taka. Here are his answers to my questions:

At what point did you get frustrated enough with dating that you had to write Plenty Fishes?
I moved to Atlanta, (Ga in the states) and found it hard to find a true relationship that would build into love. The song is actually based on a few dating experiences I had during my first few months in ATL. Very short and shallow "situationships". I knew I couldn't be the only person, male or female, that wanted more than sex, money, or recognition out of their romantic relationships. That's how plenty fishes came to be.

Interview continued after the song. Listen to it and read on.

If you're on a mobile device, the download link may not show up. if you have an android, you can download the song by opening Soundcloud in incognito mode and requesting the desktop website. it will work that way!

How did you come up with something this different while the guys that are big at the minute all sound so similar?
I grew up in Cleveland and started in my teens watching MGK - a childhood friend of mine - grow and become a very dope artist. I'd say he definitely showed me what's really possible and indirectly encouraged me to continue and grow.