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SlapSoul are a band from a village called Nefyn in North Wales. Listen to their track and scroll down for our interview!

Who are your band members?
It's me (Martin Jones) and Sam Humphreys (the guitarist) that are in the band, we're a duo; he writes the music and I write the lyrics. But on the album there's fiddle-Patrick Rimes on most of the tracks, and Angharad Jenkins on the rest. Double bass-Aeddan Williams. But for the second album it will be a full band, and more than likely SlapSoul will be a full band.

What drives you to make music?
What drives me to make music is that I have a lot of passion for making music, I like to connect with the audience. Most of my songs are very personal, things that I would not talk about with my mates or even my parents. And the thought of my music going world wide is mind blowing, just keeps me focused and driven. As a duo we work so hard.

How long have you been together?
We'll we've been making music together for almost two years, and I've only been writing for two years and singing  a few years. This is my first shot at the music world. Sam has been making making music for years, he started playing the guitar when he was 12, and he's also a producer, and a very talented and clever musician. His guitar playing is awesome.

What do you guys do when you're not making music?
I'm a Chef at the moment, and also a qualified carpenter & joiner. And Sam's a full time musician.

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