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You know those bands that are SO talented that you actually lack the words to describe them? Grab your nearest Thesaurus, look up the word 'Great', definition: excellent, skillful. See that long list of synonyms following? Combine them together and you have Art Of Sleeping. This five piece from Brisbane, Australia have a hair-raising talent;"Like A Thief" the title track of their newest EP (out now!) is an example of that. Vocals of lead man Caleb Hodges are husky and powerful with an ability to hit high notes in a breathtaking manner, the explosive tribal rhythms of the drums make for my favourite drumming of any band at the moment and the intertwine of acoustic, electric and bass guitars move with the perfect amount of keyboard to effectively pull on the heart-strings. Hodges paints a picture with his lyrics in such a passionate manner, you'll be sympathising even if you can't relate. But again, my words do no justice for this group so I'll leave the rest to you:

By now I know you're drooling for more, find their every-songs-equally-amazing EP, Like A Thief, here. Though the EP is only available to purchase in Australia and New Zealand, judging by the fast track Art Of Sleeping are on I suspect it won't be long before the rest of the world will be lacking words with us.

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Words By: Kayla Kellogg

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