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We're a fast-growing music blog where we aggregate the best in EDM at the moment, feature it, and interview up-and-coming musicians and producers.

If you're looking to get some exposure for writing or your own music blog, then you'll want to work with us!

We want people who're interested in EDM and want to write about it to post on here. 

We are flexible - happy to post anything. Whether it's a memoir of a set that you went to, from a personal perspective or as a fan, whether it's an EP review, a rant, or anything as long as it involves EDM and the lifestyle surrounding EDM, we are happy to help give your content more exposure!

Also, to artists - you can become a resident blogger and tell potential fans about your life making it in the world of EDM alongside featuring your new tracks.

Let me be clear - you don't have to follow any format whatsoever!

What's in it for you?
  • 100% of the advertising revenue that your articles generate (we can track this very easily)
  • The chance to grow more social followers and page views for yourself or for your own blog, or both!
How to get involved: 
  1. Send an "audition article" (this can be something you've written before, or just an outline of an idea you have for an article to
  2. If we're as keen as you are, we'll give you access to post from the blog.
What are you waiting for?

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