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I had the pleasure of chatting with a music producer that goes by the name of Smarty McFly. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself then, Smarty McFly!
I'm 24, and I'm a web developer to pay the bills. Other than working on music and going to work, I try to get outside as much as possible - I really like snowboarding, and just try to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family and my girlfriend. I really like being around people.

Here's About U, which is a straight banging Trap tune:

Click the play button below to listen
How do you make your music? 
In terms of tools - I use Ableton Live along with Serum and sometimes Massive. People argue about DAWs and synths all the time, but honestly, I just use those because they're what I know. I don't think Ableton is better than FL or Logic - it's just what I learned on. I recently moved to a small apartment where I can't use my speakers or subwoofer, so I got a nice pair of Beyerdynamic headphones and a SubPac, and I've been really impressed at how well that's been working for me.

In terms of inspiration and workflow - I work in pretty short sessions (maybe an hour or two max) between work and other things, so tracks can take up to three months to finish at that pace. It's nice though; I never exhaust my ears or my brain that way. Inspiration comes from all over the place - one time I was about to fall asleep and I just had this song come together in my mind, so I got up and grabbed a piece of paper and drew this crazy diagram of what I heard in my head so I could try to figure out how to make it the next day. More often though, I'll just find a synth or a vocal that I like a lot and just experiment with it until I have something I like.

Where did the idea for the Game Boy Trap come from?
I got the idea for Game Boy Trap after I read about how sound synthesis worked on the original Game Boy - they didn't have enough processing power to play chords, so instead they would play three or four notes in really quick succession, so it would sound kind of like a chord. Everybody knows that sound, probably. But I read that and I figured, "I can do that!", so I took a synth, set it to play a simple square wave and just arpeggiated it really quickly and boom - 8-bit Game Boy chords. The rest of the track sort of evolved from there.

Which artists have inspired you over the years?
So many! When I was starting out a few years back, I was really into the heavy dubstep scene - Squnto played at my school before he blew up, and I was really into him for a bit. I was really into UZ for a little while, and tried really hard to mimic him - I think you can still hear that in the way I write my percussion a little bit. Lately, I've been really into Tokimonsta's new singles, and I've been listening to a lot of Space Jesus as well. Although - when it comes down to it - I was a guitarist in a punk band before I was a producer, and when I'm at work or on the train I'm mostly listening to bands like FIDLAR or something. Or some crazy minimal techno.

Which artists do you think I should check out?
DeathMoment - This guy has like 70 followers on SoundCloud, he has one EP, and I think it's really, really cool.
Remington Iron - I played a show with this dude and was really impressed. He plays sax live and makes these really smooth beats.
NLK - I went to school with this guy, he taught me how to DJ and got me my first "gigs" (we were throwing all night ragers in the middle of the woods in college), and he makes some really cool ambient and techno stuff. Also, just a great dude.
Sugoi Collective - This is actually a whole group of artists that all make pretty out there bass music. They come up with some crazy sounds! They've actually got a new compilation coming out next month that I'm gonna have a track on.

Do you perform live? if so, what's the weirdest, craziest or funniest thing you've seen?
Alright, two stories:
1. At one of the woods parties in college, I was DJing, and some guy tries to hand me his beer - I guess he liked the set and wanted to reward me with warm, backwash-y beer? Idk, but he was dancing, and holding the solo cup directly above my laptop, so I'm trying to get him out of the way so he doesn't ruin my laptop, almost miss the cue to mix the next track, and I have to stop and focus really hard to get the mix right. I hear a big cheer, and assume it's just cause people were excited to hear Galantis, but when I come up, my buddy goes "Did you see that?" I'm like, "What?" "That girl just flashed you dude!" I was too focused on DJing and didn't see anything though. RIP.
2. I was playing maybe my biggest show yet - opening for Thriftworks at a local club, and this guy gets up on stage and asks if he can charge his phone on my laptop. He was very sad when I told him no and that he needed to get off the stage.

How would you describe your sound? When do you imagine people listen to your tracks? 
I've had a lot of trouble settling on a style. I guess I usually come back to that kind of 'dark trap' sound, but in general, I just want people to have fun. I love throwing good parties. Sometimes it's really goofy, sometimes it's a little emotional or dark, but at the end of the day my goal is to get people moving and smiling. Maybe making out too.

Is there anything you'd like to talk about?
- My brother drew that album art for GameBoyTrap - he's great artist and has a YouTube channel here:
- Travel while you're young and don't forget to bring a towel.

Contact Smarty McFly and listen to the rest of his music. Please!

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