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Who are you? Where are you from?
Well my name is Mikael Malmqvist and I'm a 21 year old guy from Sweden. I'm studying software engineering at the university and I'm producing edm when I'm not studying for
my exams.. Really just another white guy making music at his computer, haha! 

What influenced your move into brostep? Who else are your musical influences?
Well, when I first started out producing a couple of years ago I was in a huge moombahton phase, so it came kind of natural for me producing tracks with a bunch of moombah vibes and whenever I was trying out something else I always found myself adding those moombah elements to the tracks anyhow.. so I found it kind of hard moving away from
this, but I still wanted to try producing other genres, such as glitch and brostep.
I've always liked the americanized dubstep scene and specially the brostep scene made popular by Skrillex, but I never really produced much music like that, mainly because I found it so hard compared with my moombah stuff, haha.
But by taking it step by step and adding more and more brostepish elements to my song I eventually found myself producing tracks worthy calling brostep. 
Since my first (and only so far) Spotify release, (Boomboot EP) under the name Michael Malmqvist, I've made a bunch of brostep, where I'd say my biggest influence has
probably would be Datsik, that guy really is sick!

What do you do when you don't make music?
As I mentioned I'm studying software engineering, so either I study for some exam or develop software! I do also listen to a bunch of different kinds of edm and right now
it's Knife Party's singles for their new album that's going hot! So yea, that's what I do.. if I'm not drinking unhealthy amounts of alcohol that is!

What drives you to make music?
Mostly inspiration from other producers. Whenever something new is released that sounds really good I get super hyped to make something cool myself.
For instance I found Zomboys latest album (The Outbreak) really inspiring which totaly boosted my creativity during this summer.

What are the steps someone needs to take to make music like this?
I'm no expert at all at producing, and it has been mostly trial and error for me, but I do try not to get stuck in one specific genre, although there has been a lot of brostep lately, which I'm of course really hyped about!
And as for tips I'd give to people wanting to make music like mine I'd give the same as to people wanting to make any kind of music really - listen to A LOT of tracks in that genre and try to figure out what elements are used frequently throughout the songs. Because really any specific type of music is only definied upon the different elements that build it!
But most of all I'd say don't get comfortable with one type of sound! It's the exploration of new sounds and styles that keeps the music fresh!
Try to develop a sound of your own and just try out new stuff. Don't be afraid to fail! God knows I've failed hard many times, haha!

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