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Corey's back with an exciting new solo EP. and wanted a chat in the run up to the release of the EP. He's been featured on Seshny before as a member of BUG and now he's gone solo. 

The first song, If The Birds Wish To Fly, Let Them Fly is a great track and Corey promises more from the EP!
This EP is the first time you've released a solo record. What can we expect from it?

Well the EP is really unlike anything I've done before.
For a start it's my first effort that features more than just a guitar and singing. It has drums, synthesizers, bells, whistles, just about everything! In the past I have felt as though I didn't really have room to experiment with all of these instruments going into other people's studios and paying for studio time and stuff, I wanted to keep it straight to the point before. Now I record and produce all of the stuff myself I feel as though I have that space to be able to experiment with different instruments and sounds and production techniques and it's really turned out for the best. I really feel like this is the strongest record I've ever been involved with, be it solo or in a band, I am really confident in it. It draws a straight line through all my influences, all my ideas, my ideals, everything. I am really into it and obviously it would be nice if other people were into it too but that's not really what I had in mind when I wrote and recorded it. I wanted to please myself first and foremost, something I've never really been able to properly do, so I'm really happy with it and if other people are too then that's a bonus. It's a real cool mix of psychedelia, pop, straight up songwriting, experimental stuff, progressive stuff, it's a mix. Hard to put my finger on it really.

What inspired you in the writing of this song?

This track was inspired by a lot of 60s stuff. My Nana gave me this Hits Of The 60's CD and I always have it on in the car and all the songs have these bouncy organs and twangy guitar lines and stuff so it made me want to make a song that sounded kinda like that. In terms of sound it's pretty unique compared to the other tracks on the EP. All the tracks have this psychedelic/pop feel to them but that one is definitely the most pop-orientated, certainly in terms of structure and stuff like that. 

Same as always I'm releasing it independently through Bandcamp (click here) for free. There is a stream of the EP on that Bandcamp page now and it will be available for free download in the next couple of weeks

I think the point for now is to just let people listen to the music and make their mind up about it. I don't feel the need to have to charge people to listen to my music, it's silly, you know. I understand how important people's money is to them these days and I don't want them to have to spend that money before they have even heard the songs. The EP gives people that chance to delve into the music, the production, everything else, and see if they like it and then maybe the next release might be different. But I don't know. I don't know how anything is going to sound before I go into the studio so I never know what's going to happen. Hopefully the next step is to do an album. I've never done an album before so I'm looking forward to doing that, but for now it's all free. 

What led you to making the decision to going solo? How's the transition been? 

It's funny because the solo thing has always been there. It's actually the band stuff that has been like the side projects. Ever since I started writing songs I always classed myself as a solo artist before anything else. It's only more recently that I've started releasing stuff and only in the past year or so have I started producing my own stuff. I guess the bands I have been in have just been for fun, not really taking anything too seriously. It sounds really selfish or whatever but I only ever really put my all into it when it's for myself. Strange but it's just the way my mind works. I just enjoy writing, recording, producing, whatever else, for myself to be able to put my name on it.

How would you describe your own sound? 

It's a hard question to answer about yourself. In terms of the production and stuff I really like experimenting with different textures, be it on a guitar or a keyboard or whatever so I guess that is part of the sound I go for. Then I'm really influenced by a lot of songwriters of the 70s, mainly John Lennon, Neil Young, people like that. Overall I would say it's an eclectic mix of pop and psychedelia that borrows elements of a tonne of other genres too.


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