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This band has a sound that I thought had been lost 10 years ago - they have an early-2000s-style rock sound!

After enjoying a few of their tracks I decided to ask them a few questions;

How long have you guys been making music?
We've been together since 2011. Previously to that our members were split 50/50 between two bands that played shows together in the early and mid 2000's. We then sort of went our separate ways to Uni for a couple of years, we randomly met again through mutual friends. So we've known each other a long time, mostly through music and mutual friends.

What do you do in your spare time? (each member can answer)
We're all pretty busy guys, so any spare time we do get is spent playing music or working on writing and recording material. Apart from that - Rob (guitar) has a VW Camper Van that he works a lot on. Guy (drums) is a keen photographer and film maker, both professionally and in his spare time. Sean (guitar) and James (bass and vocals) spend a lot of time winding each other up whilst playing various sports.

What's your favourite type of venue? And your dream venue?
We're pretty used to playing small shows and cramming on stage, I think the closer you can get to the band you're watching the better, so these types of shows are probably our favourite. Would have loved to play at the Astoria in London but I guess thats not going to happen now...

What inspires you?
Music, other bands, reading, history, all sorts really. We try to write music that we would listen to personally, thats pretty much our benchmark when writing and recording. We write songs we like to listen to, and if any one else happens to join along the way then thats even better.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Paul Simon, Pizza, the Eurovision Song Contest. Not all at the same time though. We have some standards.

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