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[TRAP] Milo The Boss - Beat Bangs

Anything that samples Dr Dre has my vote... Enjoy this banger from Chicago's Milo the Boss!

Milo:  Twitter   Beatport

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Smarty McFly - About U + Game Boy Trap - interview.

I had the pleasure of chatting with a music producer that goes by the name of Smarty McFly. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself then, Smarty McFly!
I'm 24, and I'm a web developer to pay the bills. Other than working on music and going to work, I try to get outside as much as possible - I really like snowboarding, and just try to spend a lot of quality time with friends and family and my girlfriend. I really like being around people.
Here's About U, which is a straight banging Trap tune:
Click the play button below to listen How do you make your music? 
In terms of tools - I use Ableton Live along with Serum and sometimes Massive. People argue about DAWs and synths all the time, but honestly, I just use those because they're what I know. I don't think Ableton is better than FL or Logic - it's just what I learned on. I recently moved to a small apartment where I can't use my speakers or subwoofer, so I got a nice pair of Beyerdynamic headphones and a SubPac, and …

Nick Horne - "The Entity" & "Unleash"

Nick Horne is a 22 year old producer/DJ from London, UK. He's a talented multi-instrumentalist and beat-maker, and going further into his passion by taking a music production course at the London Point Blank Music School for the next year.

For bookings (this is an email address!)   |   Follow Nick on Soundcloud

What's your creative process? How do you get from starting a track to knowing what you want the finished product to be?

Well... I basically listen to a lot of house music on Soundcloud and YouTube, if I find a sound or progression that I like I might try and replicate it on Ableton, then if I like the sound of it I will play around and make some sort of melody and chord progression at the same time as making a beat for it - then its just about taking time finding sounds that go well with it and eventually when I have enough good ideas I arrange it and build climaxes.

To download the track, click here!

How long can it take you to complete a track, start to finish?

[INDIE] Art Of Sleeping - Like A Thief

You know those bands that are SO talented that you actually lack the words to describe them? Grab your nearest Thesaurus, look up the word 'Great', definition: excellent, skillful. See that long list of synonyms following? Combine them together and you have Art Of Sleeping. This five piece from Brisbane, Australia have a hair-raising talent;"Like A Thief" the title track of their newest EP (out now!) is an example of that. Vocals of lead man Caleb Hodges are husky and powerful with an ability to hit high notes in a breathtaking manner, the explosive tribal rhythms of the drums make for my favourite drumming of any band at the moment and the intertwine of acoustic, electric and bass guitars move with the perfect amount of keyboard to effectively pull on the heart-strings. Hodges paints a picture with his lyrics in such a passionate manner, you'll be sympathising even if you can't relate. But again, my words do no justice for this group so I'll leave the r…